About Maurizio Di Ciano

Maurizio Di Ciano is quite simply ‘a man of passion’ and his enormously popular fine dining Italian restaurant located in Perth, Western Australia is testament to his passion.

The day Maurizio decided to leave Europe more than a decade ago and head to the warmer climate of Australia set in motion a turn of events that were to culminate in producing one of the nation’s most successful Italian restaurateurs, serving traditional cuisine in a classic environment.

Brought up in the magnificent Abruzzo region in central Italy, Maurizio quickly developed a deep respect for traditional Italian cooking. In Italy, food remains an integral part of the culture which defines the identity of the people and where they come from. Regions are fiercely competitive over their speciality dishes, with family recipes closely guarded and handed down through generations. As a young boy, Maurizio watched his mother create delicate pastas and mouth-watering sauces and quickly discovered his own destiny in life.

Maurizio trained exclusively in Italy at Villa Santa-Maria and gained his experience working in Italy, Switzerland and London. Upon his arrival in Australia in 1997, he spent three years as Maitre ‘D at a prominent fine dining restaurant in West Perth which earned him Alinta Gas Maitre’D of the Year award.

In 1999, he started his own catering business, which was embraced immediately by the Perth public, who were seeking a more refined style of catering service. Today, Maurizio Events Catering provides a highly refined service that individually designs menus to suit clients’ specific requirements. The expert team of skilled chefs, wait staff and hostesses ensure that their objective of maximum professionalism is at all times maintained.

Western Australians were soon to be treated to the same exceptional service and attention to detail at Maurizio Restaurant, which was opened in 2001. Three years later, the fine dining restaurant moved to the elegantly refurbished premises you are dining in today.

As well as becoming quickly established as a popular venue for corporate lunches, functions and romantic dinners, the restaurant has become famous for its fortnightly Il Giro D’Italia dinners, which directly translates to ‘A Journey through Italy’. The restaurant takes on a new dimension, coming to life with the delightful sounds of the Italian Musicantes who entertain guests as they’re transported to a particular region of Italy and taken on a culinary journey featuring regional specialty dishes.

Maurizio has received a number of accolades over the years including an Honour Award from the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of WA for his distinguished service and professionalism to the restaurant and catering industry.

Demanding nothing less from his staff, customers have come to expect the same standard of exceptional service with every visit.

This is evident from the strong patronage the restaurant continues to attract. The man behind the restaurant is often seen drifting from table to table – this is his dining room – and you are his extended family.